Putting You at the Centre

Any business should be built around the customer. We believe that this is a fundamental principal of how we do business, in fact, we live by it. That’s one of the reasons why we retain 97% of our clients. From the beginning, we look at your needs and tailor our services to them. We listen to you and deliver the most cost-effective service to help you to reach your business objectives. We don’t just look at the ‘now’: we also look at and plan for where you want to be.

Make Experience Count

We know that you are busy people and that you want an accountancy firm to quickly ‘get’ what you are about. You also want to be treated as an individual business with your own characteristics, many of which will be unique to you.

New Ideas and Approaches

At DMA, we get all of that while also seeing the similarities between very different businesses. It means that we can often come up with innovative solutions to your financial processes and reporting, as well as ideas drawn from areas that are quite different from your own. This can really work for you and open up new possibilities.

Understanding you as a Person

All the advice that we give, and the work we undertake, is based on understanding your real business objectives. We will deliver high-quality, value-for-money services that will benefit you commercially, minimising your tax liabilities as part of this. We’ll take account of your personal goals too.

Taking the Right Approach

In business, as in life generally, the way in which you do something is just as important as what you achieve. We never forget this, and it’s at the heart of all our dealings with you. We’ll bring a pride and a passion to our work with you, combined with courtesy and a personal approach.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At David Marshall Associates we recognise our responsibility to challenge, stretch and contribute to society through all that we do. Part of our culture is to encourage and nurture this within the company so that we can give back to the communities we work in.

At David Marshall Associates we have a strong charity ethos embedded across the firm. The aim is to focus energy, time and money towards charitable works. We strongly encourage charitable participation across the firm, as well as understanding the daily challenges faced by individuals and charities; and how we can best support them with these challenges. Much of our effort is at local office level and touches local charities and support groups within reach of each of our offices. We currently support Marie Curie and all funds raised are donated to the local operations.

We encourage and support our staff in dedicating their time and organising fundraising activities to support charities close to their hearts. Staff are also given additional leave entitlement in support of charitable works.

Who We are

David Marshall

Managing Director

David Marshall

It’s now over 30 years since I started out as a young accountant working with owner-managed businesses.  I’ve learnt at first-hand what it’s like to build and maintain my own business.  This has enabled me to help other business people in dealing with the challenges of today’s competitive commercial environment.  I find our clients’ work inspiring and I’m proud of the lasting relationships that DMA has built with them.

A family man, I’m equally passionate about playing golf, watching rugby and eating good food!