Benefit from a 100% record of success!

At DMA we’ve advised many clients over the years and have an unbroken track record of successful R&D tax relief claims. Each year, we help a number of clients and we achieve reductions in tax of £1.5 million. To date we have secured more than £10 million in tax reliefs for our clients!


Power up your business

Getting R&D tax relief can really take your business forward: it can help you to create innovations that will give you a technical and commercial edge over your competitors. To benefit from the scheme, you have to know your way around and how to meet the demanding criteria.

The right advice at the right time

At DMA, we have a track record of helping clients with all R & D tax issues.  We can advise you precisely on what does/does not qualify for tax relief under R&D activities and under which R&D scheme. We understand the tax switching technicalities and the points at which a business needs to move from one arrangement to another.

Let us navigate you through the system

We know the R&D scheme inside-out, and we understand what qualifies for tax relief and how to present information to your best advantage.  In fact, we’ve been putting successful claims together for our clients since 2002 when the R&D tax relief scheme was introduced.  

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